It may seem difficult or close to impossible to put money back at first, but all it takes is a commitment to put back each pay period.

Experts say a good starting point is to put 10% of your payroll check into a savings account. If 10% is too much at first, put back what you can. Even a simple $20 weekly regular deposit can grow to $5,411.39 in just 5 years.

Use our financial calculators to calculate how much money you will save over a period of time, including how much you need to save for college, vacation, or an emergency fund.

Here are a few more tips to start saving money:

  • Use our Direct Deposit and Payroll Automation services to deposit money directly into your savings account.
  • Save all loose change in a piggy bank. When it is full you can roll them up and bring them in to deposit into your savings account.
  • Deposit bonuses, income tax refunds, or any extra cash you receive.
  • As you pay off debt. Keep making those payments, but deposit them into your savings account.
  • Remember, at Heritage South, your savings account will earn monthly dividends that are deposited automatically into your account. The more money in your account, the more your dividend will be.

Do you want to start a savings account today?

It requires only a $25 deposit to open and you will need your valid driver's license or picture ID. If you are opening an account for a child, you will need their social security card.