VISA Travel Cards

Whether you are traveling overseas or down to the beach, a VISA Travel Card is a safe and secure way to make purchases when away from home. Stay away from paper-based traveler's checks! They can easily become lost or damaged rendering them useless. You can easily load money on the Travel Card from the website with a maximum of $5,000 per card.

The VISA Travel Card is accepted everywhere VISA is accepted worldwide, which is over 20 million locations. If you are interested in a reloadable debit card, look into our reloadable debit card product.

Reloadable Debit Cards

The CUMONEY reloadable debit card is a prepaid debit card that allows members to make purchases at merchants, get cash at the ATM and reload funds to the card through an easy-to-use website. The CUMONEY reloadable debit card is branded with VISA, Plus and Interlink, making it possible to use this card at thousands of locations worldwide.

What makes the CUMONEY reloadable debit card special?
The CUMONEY reloadable debit card offers members all the advantages of using a debit card and can be used as a financial management tool for members or even students that may not qualify for other card programs.

How does it work?
Normal debit cards are funded from the member's share or share draft account at the credit union. The CUMONEY card is not directly linked to the member's share savings or share draft account so it cannot overdraw your account. Funds are deposited in advance from the tellerline or from the cumoney website.

Funds loaded at the credit union are not available immediately but usually take only a few hours to be put on the card. Funds may also be loaded at the cumoney website. A three day hold will be placed on funds loaded by the members at the cumoney website and therefore will not be on the card until they are released.
** Some fees may apply and rules and restrictions are available at the credit union for review.

Direct Deposit

Use Direct Deposit to electronically receive money into your Heritage South Savings or Checking account. By using Direct Deposit, your payroll or government checks will be automatically deposited into your account.

If you are receiving Social Security, VA, or other federal benefits by paper check or by the prepaid debit card, you can go to the federal government's godirect signup page to change your benefits from paper check or debit card to direct deposit with us. There are NO FEES at any time for direct deposit when you may have fees for withdrawing money from their prepaid debit card. Sign Up Today!

Use the information below to supply the correct account numbers to get your money direct deposited correctly!

To Checking

Direct Deposit is FREE to members, simply supply the following information to have your funds sent electronically to your checking account.

  • HSCU's routing number: 262277118
  • Your 13 digit checking account number from one of your checks. 1780000012345 from the example below
  • MICR Line
  • Don't have checks?
Checking Account # Breakdown
Digit Value
1 1
2-3 2 digit value represents Share ID of checking account.
Is located on your statement and Online Banking.
Is usually 78 or 79 but can be different depending on your account type.
4-8 0
9-13 Actual 5 digit Account number
If your account number is 4 digits, the first digit is a 0.
Is located on your statement and Online Banking.
Use image above as a reference guide

To Savings

To have funds deposited directly to your savings account, use the following information:

  • HSCU's routing number: 262277118
  • Your 4 or 5 digit account number

If you are still having trouble determining the information you need to provide for direct deposit, feel free to call our Call Center for further help.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Know that your valuables are safe and secure with a Safe Deposit Box. You can privately view and store documents in our safe deposit box viewing room without the need for an appointment, come at your own convenience.

Safe deposit boxes are available at the following locations:

  • Main Branch
  • Moody Branch
  • Broadway Branch
Size Annual Cost
5" x 5" $25
3" x 10" $30
5" x 10" $50
10" x 10" $100

International Services

Foreign Country Access

As an added precaution to our members, we have blocked all activity on our debit cards from foreign countries unless we are notified. In the midst of global concern over card theft and fraud, we feel this proactive measure will serve to protect our members from fraud generated in foreign countries. Debit card access while visiting foreign countries may be turned on for a member's card if they are traveling to another country however the member should contact us in advance before they leave to turn on access. Simply stop by one of our branches to have foreign country access turned on before you leave for your trip.

Foreign Currency

Avoid the high currency exchange rates at the hotel and airport by calling in advance and ordering your currency through Heritage South Credit Union.

Whether your next trip overseas is for business, pleasure, or military, you can conveniently get your foreign currency at Heritage South Credit Union.

  • Over 70 currencies available for sale or purchase
  • Funds delivered to a branch or your home within 1-2 business days
  • Competitive rates, NO MORE high exchange rates
  • Sell back leftover currency for immediate credit

VISA Travel Card

The VISA Travel card is a great way to take your money with you when traveling overseas. Used anywhere VISA is accepted worldwide, the VISA Travel Card gives you the flexibility to use your money and the security offered by VISA. Simply visit any of our convenient locations to purchase or learn more.

Wire Transfers

Transferring money to and from anywhere in the world is easy and secure with your Heritage South CU account. Wires are convenient and safe with funds available in many cases within 24 hours.

Cut-off time for outgoing wires is 1pm Central Time.

Wiring money TO your Heritage South account

To wire money to your Heritage South account, refer to the instructions below then visit your nearest branch or call us at 256-245-4776 if you are out of town.

The sending institution will need the following information
Destination Institution Heritage South Credit Union
Destination Institution's ABA Number 262277118
Special Instructions [Member's Name]
[Member's Account]

Wiring money FROM your Heritage South account

To wire from your Heritage South account, refer to the instructions below:

We will need the following information
Receiving Institution Institution Name
Institution Address
ABA# (domestic) or
International Banking or Swift Code
Recipient Information Recipient's Name
Recipient's Address
Recipient's Account Number