Club accounts at Heritage South Credit Union make saving money easy!

We have specialized savings accounts that are setup to help you save money for Christmas or the special vacation you've been putting off the last few years.

You can do it, with a Club account!

Our Heritage South Kid's Club can help your son or daughter realize the importance of saving money, and how to do it.

Christmas Club

The Christmas holiday season is a very exciting time of year. It can also be a very busy and stressful time of year. To make it through the holiday season you need to plan ahead and that is why Heritage South offers a Christmas Club savings account.

You may open a christmas club account at any time in the year however it is recommended that you begin saving as soon as possible to save the most and earn dividends.

The funds from your Christmas Club account are automatically dispersed into your checking account on November 1st of each year. If you do not have a checking account, your funds will be deposited into your primary savings account. If you would like your Christmas funds mailed, please call us to have that setup.

Here are some of the advantages of having a Christmas Club account:

  • Planning ahead can minimize the stress of the busy holiday season
  • Having money saved up makes it more fun to buy gifts for everyone on your list
  • A Christmas Club account is a FREE service offered by Heritage South
  • Dividends are deposited into your account on a monthly basis, check our current rates
  • There is no minimum deposit for opening a Christmas Club account
  • Funds can be automatically deposited into your account, you don't have to remember to do anything!

Additional tips on saving money this holiday season:

  • Develop a budget, and stick to it! Write a list of everyone on your Christmas list, the present you plan to buy, and how much you plan to spend.
  • Shorten your gift list if necessary. Instead, send a thoughtful card or bake some cookies or fudge.
  • Get creative with gift giving. Scrapbooks and crafts are a great idea
  • Draw names among family and friends.
  • Play "Dirty Santa" or some other type of game.
  • Shop early. The day after Thanksgiving is a good time to get a great buy on your favorite merchandise.
  • Shop online. Some retailers offer the same discounts the day after Thanksgiving when you shop online. Plus, you'll save on gas and eating out!
  • If you plan to donate to charity, donate your time or food other than cash.
  • Save up and avoid using your credit card.

Vacation Club

Need a little help remembering to save up for a special vacation? A Vacation Club account may be the perfect tool to help you avoid the money crunch around vacation-time.

  • Relax instead of worrying about saving your money.
  • At maturity, the funds are deposited and you're ready to go!
  • Setup your vacation club account for free and then let us do the work!

Kids' Club

The Kids' Club has several meetings a year filled with fun, arts & crafts, a visit from Santa Claus, and much more.

You can setup a Kids' Club account at either one of our branches and join the fun and games.

Check out the Kids' Club page to find information on upcoming events as well as links to other resources offered exclusively through Heritage South Credit Union.