Kids' Club Benefits

Being a Kids' Club Member is not only FUN, but can really pay off! 

Here are some of the benefits included in a Kids' Club membership:

  • Kids' Club events every other month
  • Annual Kids' Blast with fun and games
  • Getting paid for good grades - Report Card Rewards

The ultimate goal for our Kids' Club is to teach young children the importance of saving their money.

Report Card Rewards

Making good grades in school is very imporant. Keeping those grades up is important too. We at Heritage South want to reward our Kids' Club students by depositing money into their Kids' Club account when they make good grades in school.

  • $2 for each A and $1 for each B, academic classes only.
  • You must bring your report card to one of our branches or student branches to be scanned into your account for verification.
  • For younger students, we will also deposit money for other grade scales (i.e. E, S).
  • Report Cards will be accepted for the most recent grading period only.

Earning money is easy when making good grades!
Money deposited from Report Card Rewards will also be eligible to count toward deposit goals.

Upcoming Events

For listings of upcoming credit union events, including Kids' Club events, please go to the Events section of our facebook page.