Effective 2014
Rates and Fees are Subject to change without notice.

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NetTeller (Online Banking) FREE
MobileTeller (Mobile Banking) FREE
PhoneTeller (Telephone Banking) FREE
Online Bill Pay FREE
Bill Pay Inactivity Fee (inactive for 3 months) $7.00 per month
Overdraft Fee - may be imposed in connection with checks, in person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or by other electronic means. $28.00
Insufficient Check Charge $28.00
Check Order Charge $17.00 - $45.00
Club Early Withdrawal Fee $10.00 per withdrawal
Account Closure Fee (closed within 90 days) $25.00 per account
Check Cashing Fee 5%
Wire Transfer Fee-Incoming or Outgoing $12.00 each
Foreign Wire Transfer Fee-Incoming or Outgoing $40.00 each
Research and Balancing $15.00 per hour
Account Print Out $1.00 per page
Copy of Statement $5.00 per statement
Stop Payment Request $28.00
Copy of Check Request $1.50 each
Money Order Service Charge $5.00 each
Return Mail Fee $3.00
Return Deposit Item $3.00
Return Check Fee $28.00
ATM inquiries $0.85
ATM withdrawals at other institutions 4 free, then $0.85 each
ATM withdrawals with a foreign card $3.00
VISA Late Fee $25.00
VISA International Fees 1% of transaction
Business Account Service Charge $12.00-$20.00 monthly
Loan Late Charge (min.=$5,max.=$100) 5% of payment
Debit/Credit Card Replacement $5.00
Inactivity Fee (defined as no activity for 6 months on any single share) $5.00 per month
Dormancy Fee (defined as no activity for 24 months with balances <$1,000) $5.00 per month
Subpoena/Levy/Garnishment $35.00 each
Second Chance Checking Monthly Service Charge $10.00
Copy/Fax Fee $1.00 per page
´╗┐´╗┐Credit Union Check or Official Check
Payable to member No Charge
Payable to someone else $5.00
Check Reissue/Merchant Check Replacement $5.00
Gift Cards
VISA Gift Card $5.00
Reloadable Debit Card $5.00
Safe Deposit Boxes
5x5 $25.00 annually
3x10 $30.00 annually
5x10 $50.00 annually
10x10 $100.00 annually
Fee to drill safe deposit box Actual Cost / approx. $175
Fee replacement for safe deposit box key Actual Cost / approx. $20
Loan Products
Mobile Home Title Application Fee $20.00
Title Application Fee $17.00
Mortgage Loan Application Fee $350.00
UCC form $20.00
Gap Insurance $320.00
Carfax $25.00
Mobile Home Value Assessment $20.00
Tractor/Farm Equipment Assessment $20.00