VISA Credit Cards

*Changes to our current VISA program will be made during the month of July 2015, for more info, click here.


Don't leave your Heritage South VISA at home!
A VISA card allows you to pay for purchases away from home at over 24 million locations with safety and convenience, no need to carry cash. Our Heritage South VISA is accepted at businesses worldwide wherever you see the trademark VISA logo.

VISA Credit Card Options

VISA Platinum

The Platinum VISA from Heritage South features a low fixed rate with CashBack Rewards.
Credit Limit: $5,000 and up


Our newest VISA card, this option is a no brainer for those needing a larger balance than the Classic card. Receive a lower fixed rate with no annual fees when you open a VISA Gold  card at Heritage South.

Credit Limit: $500 to $20,000

VISA Classic

Your classic VISA with all of the basic features including a fixed rate and no annual fees. This card is great for people that do not want a large open line of credit but still need the convenience and safety of a VISA for their purchases, or an emergency.
Credit Limit: up to $10,000

Credit-Builder VISA

No credit history? That's ok! The Credit-Builder VISA is a great way to build your credit if you have little or no credit history.
Credit Limit: up to $5,000