ATM/Debit Cards

Heritage South VISA Debit & ATM cards allow you the flexibility to make purchases nationwide or online. You can also use your VISA debit or ATM card to access your account from an ATM.

Getting your VISA debit card has NEVER been so easy!

Now you can order, receive, and use you debit card, instantly with our intant issue debit cards! Instant issue debit cards mean you no longer have to wait for your card and PIN to arrive in the mail.

  1. Order your card
  2. Enter your own PIN
  3. Walk out of the credit union that day with your activated debit card!

If you are not at our main branch, your card will be made and delivered to your closest branch the next business day. Simply come by to pick it up at your convenience.

Now you can choose your own PIN number! Come into either Sylacauga branch to repin your VISA debit card or ATM card. You don't need your old pin to create a new one. Choose any 4 digit PIN you like. Only takes a couple of minutes and is secure, you never tell us what it is.

VISA Debit Card

Use your VISA debit card at ATMs or anywhere VISA is accepted. You can access your checking account quickly and easily with the added protection of your PIN number.

ATM Card

You can use your ATM card to gain access to your checking and savings account at ATMs.