Heritage South Credit Union

Call Center: 256-245-4776
Voice Response: 256-249-8318


updated October 1, 2013

** rates are subject to change without notice, certain rules and restrictions apply
all accounts are insured by NCUA and American Share Insurance

DescriptionDividend Rate (%)APY (%)Term
6 Mth CD0.400.406
12 Mth CD0.500.5012
18 Mth CD0.600.6018
24 Mth CD0.850.8524
36 Mth CD1.001.0036
48 Mth CD1.201.2148
6 Mth CD w/Direct Deposit0.550.556
12 Mth CD w/Direct Deposit0.750.7512
18 Mth CD w/Direct Deposit0.800.8018
24 Mth CD w/Direct Deposit0.950.9524
36 Mth CD w/Direct Deposit1.201.2136
48 Mth CD w/Direct Deposit1.301.3148
* APY = Annual Percentage Yield

All Certificates are available as IRA Certificates

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This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
Additional insurance coverage provided by Excess Share Insurance Corporation.
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