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Premium Rewards Checking
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Scholarship Winner

Heritage South Credit Union is proud to announce the recipient of the Claude Sawyer Memorial Scholarship is Colby Wheeler of Winterboro High School. Colby is graduating #1 in his class and has served as President of the Student Government as well as being actively involved in Beta Club, Media Club, and FCA. He played football and baseball for the Bulldogs and is an Eagle Scout and a trained lifeguard. Colby's plans are to attend Troy University for his undergraduate degree in Business and then attend seminary. Colby is the son of Jamie and Tina Wheeler.

The Now and Later CD!

Lock in a great rate NOW and Move to a better rate LATER

15-Month CD (.70%APY*)      39-Month CD (1.15%APY*)

We all know that interest rates on savings have been pretty dismal lately. And many people are hesitant to commit their money becuase they're afraid that as soon as they do, interest rates will go up. You don't have to fear, Heritage South is here!

Our Now and Later Certificate of Deposit offers respectable rates right now. And if the rates go up later, you can request a one-time increase anytime after the first six month to the higher rate! So you start earning a nice return now without worrying that you'll miss out if the rates go up later.

Come in today and take advantage of the Now & Later CD, from the one financial institution that's been figuring out new ways to help its members for over 70 years. After all, it's your Heritage!

*Annual percentage yield. Offer and rates subject to change. One time upward adjustment to the credit union's prevailing rate is allowed after the first six months. Penalty may apply for early withdrawal. See credit union for full details.

Six Flag Tickets

Come by any of our branches and purchase Six Flag tickets from now until September 12th. 

Debit Card Transaction Notice:

Debit cards provide convenience, but also the risk of fraud.  Almost everyone has, or knows someone who has had, fraudulent debit card activity.  There are ways to recover the funds lost due to fraudulent activity that requires the member come in to the credit union in order to complete the necessary dispute forms and to obtain a new debit card.  This process can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Most debit card fraud occurs through signature-based transactions.  This means that someone signs for a transaction using a stolen card number and expiration date. Unfortunately, this information is readily available to anyone handling the debit card.  

Debit card transactions using the Personal Identification Number or PIN are much more secure. For this reason, beginning on March 1, 2014 it will be required by Heritage South Credit Union that all transactions taking place outside the state of Alabama use a PIN.  This will provide another level of protection for our members.  If you have forgotten your PIN, you may bring your card to any Heritage South Credit Union office to select a new one.  Also, for your security it is best not to share your PIN with anyone or to keep your PIN with your debit card.  Never should the PIN be attached to the debit card or written on the card.  If a debit card is stolen and the PIN is attached the member will be help responsible.  This will not affect your ability to make hotel reservations by telephone or online or your ability to use your debit card in a restaurant without a pin.

This year, we’re giving well over a quarter of a million dollars in interest rebates and bonus dividends to almost 12,000 of our members. Not only is that an unexpected windfall for our members just in time for the holidays, it’s also money that stays right here in our community to help everyone grow and prosper. Click here to view the ad you'll be seeing in the papers over the next few weeks.

So while you’re wondering what your bank has done for you lately, remember that we still offer free checking accounts and debit cards, as well as the lowest loan rates around.

Don’t you think it’s about time you discovered the benefits of being a member instead of a customer?
After all, it’s your Heritage!

Has your information changed recently?

If your information has changed recently, it is important you let us know!
In order to verify your account and send notices or other important information directly to you about your account, we need to have the most recent information.
If your address, email, phone numbers, employment, or any other information you filled out on the member card has changed, please call to let us know. We'll send you an update form to ensure your account is up-to-date!

Access your account anywhere with MobileTeller!

Access your account from anywhere and any device with MobileTeller!
If you have a NetTeller account and have logged in at least once, log into MobileTeller by simply going to myhscu.com/mobileteller from your mobile device OR check the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to find the app for your device. All apps are FREE!

Same Towns. Similar Names. A World Apart

They are not us.. and we are not them.. We did not acquire Frontier Bank. It was bought by a bank in south Georgia that just happens to have a similar name, but there is a big difference in our core mission and how we do business with our members.

Heritage South Credit Union has been a part of your community, serving your friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens for over 78 years.
Our financial decisions are made locally, with the best interests of our community and members in mind.
We're owned by our members and that's where our loyalty lies.
It's a BIG difference from the failing banks over the last few years.

So if your bank has changed ownership, maybe it's time you became an owner of the most stable financial institution in our markets... After all, it's your Heritage!

MobileTeller is here!

Our mobile banking product, MobileTeller, has now been released for download and use.
Click here to learn more about the features and you can also read through our frequently asked questions for even more information.

To log into MobileTeller, simply go to myhscu.com/mobileteller from your mobile device OR check the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to find the app for your device. All apps are FREE!
If you have a Blackberry or other mobile device, you can use the download wizard that is linked from the mobileteller login page.

*In order to log into MobileTeller, you must have enrolled and logged into NetTeller at least once.

Why pay fees for your checking account with someone else?

Instead of fees, GET PAID for your checking account with a Premium Rewards Checking account from us.
For more information or to get your checking account converted to a Premium Rewards checking, simply call the Call Center at 256-245-4776 or stop by one of our branches.

Attention All Members!

This is a reminder that Heritage South Credit Union will never call anyone in our membership and ask for credit card numbers, account numbers, or PIN numbers.
Anyone claiming to do this is attempting to steal your credit card information, HANG UP THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY.

DO NOT give anyone your account information, credit card number, or PIN number over the phone.
If you have already done this, you need to report your card as fraudulent and stolen immediately then call our Call Center during normal business hours at 256-245-4776 so we can take measures to secure your account.

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