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Click one of the links below to subscribe to our feeds:

What are feeds and RSS?
Feeds and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a simple and popular method to get news and headlines from multiple sources in one place. Many news sources (like FoxNews, CNN, and ESPN) also publish RSS feeds for you to stay updated without the need to constantly check their site.
"Subscribing" to RSS Feeds are totally free and you do not have to supply any information, not even your email address.

How do I view these feeds? A feed reader is now built into most mainstream internet browsers and will automatically check for updates and notify you.
If you prefer to receive the updates via email, sign up for email updates instead.

How do I know when a website has a feed I can subscribe to?
Look for the trademark orange icon in the address bar or toolbar of your internet browser (depending on which one you use) OR look for a link on the page with the RSS icon. Some web designers alter the look to fit their design, but it still basically looks the same.
Just click the icon and view the feed, then you can select to subscribe. That's it!

Email Newsletter Updates

If you don't currently use RSS feeds and prefer email communication, sign up for email updates.
Now, whenever we update our feed, you'll get an email.
IMPORTANT: Heritage South Credit Union will never publish, share, or access the email subscription list for purposes of pure marketing and will not send SPAM.

Social Media

As another method to keep in touch with our members, Heritage South Credit Union utilizes several methods of social media.
Follow us on twitter or become a Fan on Facebook to get exclusive access to updates like rate changes, reclaimed autos, and other news as it happens.

NEVER submit or transfer information about your account through social media outlets. These can be viewed by everyone, including people that are not associated with the credit union.

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Additional insurance coverage provided by Excess Share Insurance Corporation.
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