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First Time NetTeller User Information

If this is your first time logging into NetTeller, you will go through the following steps in order to complete the enrollment process:

  1. Change your Password

    Change your password making note of the instructions that appear at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose a Personal Watermark Icon

    This icon is a security feature that allows you to tell if the session is compromised.
    It should be the same EVERY time you login
  3. Answer 3 Security Challenge Questions

    These security questions are used to verify your identity when suspicious activity occurs on your account.
    If something is suspicious, you will be prompted to answer one of these questions. If you answer it wrong 3 times, you will have to call our call center at 256-245-4776 during normal business hours to have yourself unblocked.
  4. Enter/Update Email Address on File

These steps are necessary to help us maintain a high level of security on our online banking products.

After you complete the first-time login process, you will arrive on the Accounts summary page.

**Once you get to the Accounts summary page in NetTeller, be sure you remember to set your password reset questions under the "Settings" menu so you can utilize the password reset feature if needed.

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This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
Additional insurance coverage provided by Excess Share Insurance Corporation.
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