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NetTeller Frequently Asked Questions

What is NetTeller?

NetTeller is our new online banking platform.
Visit the NetTeller product page to learn more about the features and to see screenshots.

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Can I access NetTeller with my current online banking username and password?

You may use your old online banking username and password to log in the first time to the NetTeller system.
IF your username is longer than 12 characters OR your password is longer than 10 characters, you will need to trim them down to the correct length when entering them to log into NetTeller the first time.

If you have trouble with your first-time login for NetTeller, please call our Call Center during normal business hours at 256-245-4776.

Once you log into NetTeller, you will go through the first-time login process to complete your enrollment.
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Can Bill Pay be accessed within NetTeller?

Yes, you can still access Bill Pay from NetTeller if you have been enrolled for Online Bill Pay.
If you have not been enrolled, then you may do so at any time by filling out the enrollment form from the Bill Pay page in NetTeller.
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Can I change my email address online?

YES, you can change your email from inside NetTeller by going to the Personal Settings page.

When you change your email address, it will send a notification to both the old and the new email addresses.

If you receive a notification about an email address change you did not initiate, call the Call Center at 256-245-4776.
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Is my NetTeller ID case sensitive?

NO. Your NetTeller ID is NOT case sensitive.

Passwords ARE case sensitive and special characters can be used.
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What are the minimum password requirements?

- minimum length: 8 characters
- maximum length: 10 characters
- expire every 180 days
- cannot reuse last 3 passwords
- minimum of 3 alphabetic characters
- these special characters are fine: !"#$%&()+,-/;<=>?[\]^_`{|}*"

Feel free to create more than one username for your account if more than one person (aka, spouse, child) is accessing the account through NetTeller.
This will allow you to keep your passwords private and you can create individual settings for each username.
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Why do I keep getting logged out?

NetTeller is set to automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity.

A popup appears to alert you and gives you the option to extend your session. Be sure your popup blocker is disabled for NetTeller so you will see the alert.
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I clicked on eStatements and nothing happened. Why?

eStatements open in a new window. Turn off your popup blocker in order for eStatements to open in a new window.
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Can I download my transaction history?

Now you can download your transactions history in a variety of formats:
- Microsoft Money (.ofx)
- Intuit Quicken (.qfx)
- Intuit Quickbooks (.qbo)
- Intuit QuickBooks (.iif)
- Standard Personal Finance (.qif)
- Spreadsheet (.csv)
- Word Processing (.txt)
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How can I do a Stop Pay through NetTeller?

With the new NetTeller online banking platform, there are a couple of different ways to initiate the Stop Payment process.

  1. From the Accounts screen, use the 'Select Option' dropdown menu to select 'Stop Payments' from the list. You will be taken to the New Stop Payment screen.
  2. If you are on the transaction history page of a draft account, the 'Stop Payments' submenu will appear next to 'Transfers' below the main menu buttons.

* Stop Payments may be made ONLY on draft (checking) accounts through NetTeller. If for some reason you need a Stop Payment on a savings account, this must be done through the Call Center or by visiting a credit union branch to sign the form.
** Prestige Checking draft accounts are waived the Stop Payment fee therefore cannot be done through NetTeller. In that case, the Stop Payment must be done through the Call Center or by visiting a credit union branch to sign the form.

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Why doesn't NetTeller work very well on my mobile phone?

NetTeller is not intended to work on your mobile device.
We will be launching our MobileTeller product very soon which will feature a mobile banking website as well as mobile banking apps for almost any phone on the market.

Keep an eye on our website for availability and release dates to our members.
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How much transaction history is available in NetTeller?

For each Share and Loan, NetTeller is currently set to return 500 items.
This means that the history on a share with a high volume of activity may not go as far back by date if the 500 limit is reached.
The 500 return limit can be raised on the system if enough members request us to do so.
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Can I connect to NetTeller directly using mint.com or Quicken?

Direct connection using any 3rd party software application or online aggregator, like mint.com, is not officially supported.
Even though we do not officially support a direct connection, we know that Quicken or mint.com WILL download information from your NetTeller account if you supply the correct credentials and select the correct credit union.

Be sure you select Heritage South CUSylacauga,AL from the list of financial solutions.
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