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MobileTeller Frequently Asked Questions

What is MobileTeller?

MobileTeller gives you instant connectivity to your credit union account online using methods optimized for your smartphone or tablet. You can access your account anytime from anywhere!

Here are some of the features and functions of MobileTeller:

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Will MobileTeller work on all cellphones?

In addition to the secure WAP site that will be accessible from all cellphones, apps are also available for more convenience.
The application is generally supported on the following types of phones from any operator:

In order to access your account with MobileTeller, you will need a data plan with internet access.
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How much does MobileTeller cost to use?

MobileTeller is FREE to use and the apps for any cell phone is also FREE.

Accessing MobileTeller from your cellphone uses data service therefore check your cellphone carrier's contract and data services for availability and possible charges.

Heritage South Credit Union is not responsible for data service charges on your cellphone bill. You are fully responsible for any charges or overages related to accessing MobileTeller.
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How do I access MobileTeller?

MobileTeller can be accessed by a FREE app or by going to https://www.myhscu.com from your cellphone and clicking on Log into MobileTeller

You can download apps using the links on the MobileTeller information page or by clicking on the download link at the bottom of the login page.
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What accounts can I access on MobileTeller?

You can access the same accounts on MobileTeller that you can access using NetTeller. No additional configuration is necessary.
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Can transfers be made through MobileTeller

Yes, you may transfer money between your loans and shares as well as any other accounts that have been designated for cross account access on your account.
All accounts you can transfer to with NetTeller will be available within MobileTeller.
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Can Bill Pay be accessed within MobileTeller?

Yes, you can access Bill Pay from MobileTeller if you have been enrolled for Online Bill Pay.
You cannot create new Payees from MobileTeller, that must be done through the Online Bill Pay interface using NetTeller.

If you have not been enrolled, then you may do so at any time by filling out the enrollment form from the Bill Pay page in NetTeller.
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Why is it when I tap to view a graph, it is staying on loading graphs...?

When you load a graph for the first time, it may take a few minutes to download all of the information. Simply wait, and the graph will appear after a few seconds.
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