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Reloadable Debit Cards

The CUMONEY reloadable debit card is a prepaid debit card that allows members to make purchases at merchants, get cash at the ATM and reload funds to the card through an easy-to-use website.
The CUMONEY reloadable debit card is branded with VISA, Plus and Interlink, making it possible to use this card at thousands of locations worldwide.

What makes the CUMONEY reloadable debit card special?

The CUMONEY reloadable debit card offers members all the advantages of using a debit card and can be used as a financial management tool for members or even students that may not qualify for other card programs.

How does it work?

Normal debit cards are funded from the member's share or share draft account at the credit union.
The CUMONEY card is not directly linked to the member's share savings or share draft account so it cannot overdraw your account. Funds are deposited in advance from the tellerline or from the cumoney website.

Funds loaded at the credit union are not available immediately but usually take only a few hours to be put on the card.
Funds may also be loaded at the cumoney website. A three day hold will be placed on funds loaded by the members at the cumoney website and therefore will not be on the card until they are released.
** Some fees may apply and rules and restrictions are available at the credit union for review.

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