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In Schools

At Heritage South Credit Union, we understand how important it is to teach your children financial responsibility early, to prepare them for handling their own finances in the future.

Heritage South Credit Union has partnered with both Sylacauga High School and B. B. Comer Memorial School to provide a hands on opportunity to not only learn about financial responsiblity, but to learn about how to conduct themselves in a business environment.

Each school has an on campus branch of the credit union that is capable of servicing the students that are members of the credit union. They can make deposits, withdraw money, and even open accounts with the required paperwork and parental permission.

In addition to providing a convenient way for students and teachers to manage their account, the school branches offer a way for students to learn how to act appropriately in a business environment.
Students working in the branches go through an interview process and background screening and are also required to follow the normal rules that apply to almost every job industry.

Aggie Branch

Location: Sylacauga High School

The Aggie Branch was our first in school branch and has been a great tool for teaching the students about financial responsibility.
In addition to the high school branch, there is also an ATM that is available for access to students and teachers.

The Aggie Branch has been the subject of several regional news broadcasts and documentaries and has used as the school's entry in the national FBLA competition.

Tiger Branch

Location: B.B. Comer Memorial School

While the Tiger Branch is a little newer than the Aggie Branch, the same enthusiasm for learning and growth can be seen.

The Tiger Branch offers a great service to the teachers and students of the school and is open daily to serve them.

Report Card Rewards

In addition to our school branches, the Heritage South Kids Club rewards our young members for good grades in school, It's called Report Card Rewards.
By bringing in their report card into one of our branches, money is deposited into their account for each 'A' and 'B' they receive!

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